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Last updated : Nov 2009
Auckland Conference Centers
Auckland Conference Centers - TravelPuppy.com
Business Etiquette

Conducting business in Auckland is no different from the system in any other major Western city.

There are no cultural pitfalls to watch out for, unless dealing directly with Maori (who will outline any practices before any meetings), and the only noticeable difference lies within the nature of the country's people.

New Zealander's are notably friendlier, more relaxed and more informal. Business wear is generally conservative and both men and women tend to wear tailored suits. Appointments and punctuality are necessary, and business cards are usually exchanged. The best months for business visits are February to April and also October to November , as the business approach is fairly traditional, and visitors to New Zealand are advised to avoid the period starting Christmas time until the end of January.

Dinner is seen as a time for socialising and not business, so meetings mainly take place over lunch. Invitations to dine out or to visit someone’s home are far more readily issued than in many other countries and are not just a gesture, they are genuine. The native host will expect to pay for a meal or a round of drinks, however guests can step in and pay their turn without creating offence or arguments. 'Friendliness, not formality' is the catchphrase in Auckland.

Note: Business hours are generally Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Conference Centres

The largest conference and convention centers are in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington, however many hotels also have conference facilities. There are over 20 regional convention bureaux in New Zealand, the majority of which are members of:

Address: NZ Convention Association (Inc), PO Box 331-202, Suite 3, Level 1, 15 Huron Street, Takapuna, Auckland
Telephone: (9) 486 4128
Facsimile: (9) 486 4126
Email address: admin@nzconventions.co.nz
Website address: www.conventionsnz.com

This website provides information on many conference centres in Auckland.

Note: The organisation is also known as Conventions New Zealand.

Here are a few of the many hotels with conference centres in Auckland:

Alpers Lodge and Conference Centre
Address: 16 Alpers Ave, Newmarket, Auckland
Telephone: (9) 523 3367
Facsimile: (9) 520 3809
Email address: alpeauck@fc-hotels.co.nz
Website address: www.alperslodge.co.nz
Note: The Business centre includes internet access.

Barrycourt Suites - Hotel and Conference Centre
Address: 10-20 Gladstone Rd, Parnell, Auckland
Telephone: (9) 303 3789
Facsimile: (9) 377 3309
Email address: barrycourt@xtra.co.nz
Website address: www.barrycourt.co.nz
Note: There are 7 function rooms able to cater for up to 300 people theatre style

Bridgewater Country Estate
Address: 561 Peak Rd, Kaukapakapa, Auckland
Telephone: (9) 420 5966
Facsimile: (9) 420 5833
Website address: www.bridgewaterestate.co.nz

Fernz Motor Lodge (Formerly Silverfern Holiday Park)
Address: 2 Rangatira Rd, Birkenhead, Auckland
Telephone: (9) 482 0666
Facsimile: (9) 482 3466
Email address: info@sfern.co.nz
Website address: www.sfern.co.nz

Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre
Address: 58 Waipuna Rd, Mt Wellington, Auckland
Telephone: (9) 526 3000
Facsimile: (9) 527 1937
Email address: res@waipunahotel.co.nz
Website address: www.waipunahotel.co.nz