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Last updated : Nov 2009
Auckland Weather
Auckland Weather - TravelPuppy.com
Auckland enjoys warm coastal weather without extremes of temperature.

Sunshine and Annual Rainfall Hours

Bright Sunshine Hours: 2021 hours per year.

Mean Annual Rainfall: 1301 millimeters per year.


Spring: September to November
Summer: December to February
Autumn (Fall): March to May
Winter: June to August

Average Daily Maximum Temperature (Degrees Celsius)
 January 23.1 ºC
 February 23.6 ºC
 March 22.3 ºC
 April 19.9 ºC
 May 17.3 ºC
 June 15.1 ºC
 July 14.3 ºC
 August 14.8 ºC
 September 16.2 ºC
 October 17.8 ºC
 November 19.6 ºC
 December 21.5 ºC