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Last updated : Nov 2009
New Zealand Travel Guide
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Imagine a unique place of breathtaking scenery: craggy coastlines, sweeping golden beaches, rich forests, snow covered mountains, fish filled rivers, glacier fed lakes and gurgling volcanic pools, all beneath a vibrant blue sky. That place is New Zealand.

New Zealand is compact and accessible, spread over three relatively small islands with efficient and modern transport, quiet roads, plenty of international flights and 2 stunningly scenic rail journeys. Other pluses are friendly, English-speaking people, a low crime rate.

There are 3 major cultural influences:

 Polynesian navigators (the Maori),
 European settlers who followed a thousand years after the Maori’s,
 Recent Pacific Rim immigrants.

The animal and plant life are excellent, offering many opportunities to see the varied birdlife (including kiwis), also dolphins seals and whales.

Enjoy the chance to explore2 of the richest New World wine regions on earth, sample wonderful cuisine, stroll on deserted beaches, walk through the national parks or over alpine passes.

Try whitewater rafting, caving or bungee jumping. You can snowboard and ski on world class slopes.

Experience scuba diving in unique colour filled marine reserves, sail on exciting waters or play on tournament class golf courses. If that is not your style, immerse yourself in culture at the museums and galleries of New Zealand’s main cities:

 Wellington (the capital)

New Zealand’ offers something for every type of visitor and it’s time as an original tourist destination has come. Long haul flights are growing fast and the country’s isolation, once a hurdle, is now a boon.
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