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Antarctica Austral Summer 2003/2004
Christchurch, New Zealand
Thursday, Feb 26, 2004


I'm back in Christchurch. Yesterday I headed out with Lavonne and MaryAnne up to the Hamner Springs. LaVonne was one of the DAs. She is in her 50s or 60s ... she decided to stop growing older at 49, so I technically she is 49. MaryAnne was a janitor that lived in my dorm. She is 56. These are vivacious women! LaVonne had a car loaned to her, so we rode up with her, then MaryAnne and I bussed back to the city.

We had a very nice time, just women chatting and hanging out and relaxing in the pools. http://www.hanmersprings.co.nz

I feel like an escaped DA! The weather was iffy the whole time, but in the end always turned out on the better side of iffy! We bought some drinks from Prenzels and brought them to the hostel and had drinks late at night and were giddy and chatty. Very fun!

I got back to the city at 4pm and hit the ground running. I went off to buy a light weight sleeping bag from some very nice people at a shop. MaryAnne and I had a nice dinner at a Tapas restaurant. We headed off to go punting on the Avon, but were too late. I'll have to do that next time around.

It was nice travelling with these wonderful women, but travelling became VERY complex. Everyone had to run all kinds of errands before we left and we kept missing each other. We left town 1 hour and 45 minutes after we planned to leave. I find that very frustrated. I get frustrated with myself when I complicate my own travels with all kinds of errands and this and that. Imagine multiplying it by three! I REALLY enjoy travelling by myself, especially when I can keep it really simple! Or just simple plans for a short time with other people. Or just cruising along on other people's plans when you have no agenda of sites or activities you want to experience. I frustrate WAY too easily with large groups trying to accomplish something! That is definitely a shortcoming on my end!

Well, I head outta here tomorrow morning at 6:40am. I get picked up by my shuttle at 4:10am to be able to get to the airport two hours before my flight! I fly to Sydney, transfer planes, then fly to Honolulu. I'm going to be one tired puppy. Luckily the time zone difference should only be one hour off, but a day behind. I get Friday twice! I leave Christchurch on Friday morning at 6:40am and arrive to Hawaii 11:45pm Thursday night. I hope Friday is a good day twice!

New Zealand has been extremely rainy! Floods and all sorts of water! I've been lucky to have all my days here pretty much free of rain!