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Last updated : Nov 2009
Northern Ireland Business
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Northern Ireland Economy

Historically, the main economic strengths have been manufacturing, concentrated on the shipbuilding and aerospace industries in the eastern part of the province. Agriculture is prevalent throughout. However, manufacturing has been in long-term decline, although a steady stream of government contracts has enabled it to survive in a reduced form. Agriculture has grown steadily, underpinned by the policies of the European Union.

The public sector is the largest single part of the economy and subventions from the British government account for the bulk of the province’s income. The political settlement in the province has presented new opportunities for Northern Ireland’s economy, as well as some problems. The most important of these is tourism which is sensitive to political circumstances in the province and has been largely depressed since the early 1970s. Similar considerations apply to foreign investment which the province is trying to attract – especially in light of the success enjoyed by the Irish government during the 1990s. Indeed, the growing economic links between Northern Ireland and the Republic may bring the best prospects for the future development of the province’s economy. Along with the the UK, the Republic of Ireland already accounts for the bulk of Northern Ireland’s external trade.

Commercial Information

The following organisation can offer advice:

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 22 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7BJ (telephone: (028) 9024 4113; fax: (028) 9024 7024; -mail: mail@northernirelandchamber.com


Contact Northern Ireland Conference Bureau, St Anne’s Court, 59 North Street, Belfast BT1 1NB (telephone: (028) 9031 5513; fax: (028) 9031 5544; email: nicb@nitb.com).