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Norway Festival - Events
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For a full list, contact the Norwegian Tourist Board. The following is a selection of special events occurring in Norway during 2005:
January 13th-16th International Film Festival, Tromsø
January 20th-23rd Polarjazz
January 26th-30th Northern Lights Festival, Tromsø.
February 10th-13th Winter Arts Festival (music, theatre, art
exhibitions), Narvik.
February 15th-19th Rorosmartnan.
March 5th-12th Finnmarkslopet.
March 12th-13th Holmenkollen Ski Festival
March 13th-20th Borealis-Bergen Contemporary Music Festival.
March 20th-28th Easter Festival.
April 4th-10th Snowjam
April 30th Svalbard Ski Marathon.
May 25th-June 5 Bergen International Festival
June 3rd-13th Oslo Festival
June 4th Norwegian Mountain Marathon
June 8th-11th The Great Norwegian Humor Festival
June 8th - 12th Viking Festival
June 17th-20th Norwegian Wood, music festival
June 18th Midnight Sun Marathon, Tromsø.
July 29th 20 Cherry Festival.
August 4th-14th Peer Gynt Festival, Vinstra/Gala
August 5th-14th Nordland Music Festival.
August 11th-14th Mandal Seafood Festival.
August 15th-21st Oslo Jazz Festival
August 18th-26th Norwegian International Film Festival.
August 24th-27th Norwegian Food Festival
December 22nd-31st Christmas in Lillehammer