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Last updated : Nov 2009
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'Fjords, mountains and midnight sun'

The breathtaking fjords of the southwest are Norway’s most dramatic features, but there are many reasons to visit this sparsely populated land on the northern fringe of Europe.

The North Cape’s midnight sun is rightly famous – here, far above the Arctic Circle, lies the spectacularly situated town of Tromsø, where the sun never rises during the winter, nor sets in midsummer.

Each of Norway’s three major cities offers distinct cultural and historic appeal – Oslo as present-day capital, Bergen as a major trading port and Trondheim as long-established centre of Christian pilgrimage.

In the wilderness that lies between the main urban centres are such delights as Jostedalsbreen, Europe’s largest glacier, and the Dovrefjell, home of Grieg’s mythical Mountain King.

There are opportunities to indulge in outdoor activities such as skiing, hunting, fishing and rock-climbing, according to the season. Even the less energetic can marvel at the awesome beauty of the Norwegian countryside, with its countless steep-sided valleys, high mountain lakes and wonderful views.

Norway is foremost a place for those who love nature, but it also offers a rich cultural experience for those keen to follow in the footsteps of the Vikings – as well as those of later luminaries such as artist Edvard Munch.
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