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Last updated : Nov 2009
Norway Sports
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Norway’s dramatic scenery and extensive wilderness areas offer great scope for a variety of exciting activities.


Despite its often mountainous terrain, Norway is a popular destination for cycling holidays and many old roads have been made into cycling routes. For further information contact:

Sykkelturisme i Norge,
PO Box 3132 Handelstorget,

Fax number: 3352 9955
e-mail: info@bike-norway.com
Website: www.bike-norway.com


Fishing is popular on Norway’s many inland waters and the surrounding sea areas. There are over 100 salmon rivers flowing into the fjords, where reasonably priced sport is available.

A national fishing licence is necessary, available from post offices.
A permit is required for freshwater fishing.


Oslo (Bogstad links), Stokke (between Tønsberg and Sandefjord) and Meland (36km/22 miles north of Bergen in the fjord landscape by the Herdlafjord) all have 18-hole golf courses. Norway has 25 18-hole golf courses. Most of the clubs are open to visitors.

Shorter golf courses in Bergen, Hamar, Kristiansund, Sarpsborg and Trondheim.

For further information contact:

The Norwegian Golf Federation
Telephone number: 2273 6620
Fax number: 2273 6621
e-mail: golfforbundet@nif.idrett.no
Website: www.golfforbundet.no.


In Norway, hikers are very well catered for. The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT) offers guided trips, and also maintains more than 300 mountain huts, both staffed and unstaffed. Membership for the DNT can be bought at a DNT office, a hut or at tourist offices. The DNT also supplies maps, and provides information. For further information contact:

The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT)
Telephone number: 2282 2800
Fax number: 2282 2801
e-mail: info@turistforeningen.no
Website: www.turistforeningen.no

Glaciers are another attraction for outdoor visitors. The largest mainland glacier in Europe is at Jostedalsbreen, near Stryn. Daily glacier walks are organised during the summer in the company of experienced guides. It is very important to remember never to venture onto a glacier without an experienced guide. For further information about organised glacier walks, contact :

The glacier centre at Jostedalsbreen
Telephone number: 5787 7200
Fax number: 5787 7201
e-mail: post@jostedalsbre.no
Website: www.fjordinfo.no or www.jostedalsbre.no or consult the following for glacier tours telephone number: 5787 6800, website: www.bre.no.


Horseriding holidays are becoming increasingly popular. There are riding schools and clubs throughout Norway with horses for hire and instruction provided. A number of hotels also keep horses.


Norway claims to be the birthplace of snow skiing. The country has about 30,000km (18,750 miles) of marked ski trails, winding their way through the beautiful and unspoiled scenery. Cross-country and downhill skiing are available from November until the end of May. Although skiing is at its best just before Easter, when the days are longer, it is possible to ski for long hours during the winter and many of the tracks are illuminated. In the summer, it is possible to go skiing in several parts of the country.

For further information about skiing during the summer, contact:

Stryn Sommerskisenter
Telephone number: 5787 4040
e-mail: info@stryneffjellet.com
Website: www.strynefjellet.com.


A number of the resort hotels have tennis courts. A number of hotels, campsites and chalets have boats for use by visitors on the coast and inland waters. Hotels and campsites located near stretches of water often hire out equipment for windsurfing or water-skiing and offer instruction. Norway’s coast and inland waters are great for bathing in warm months and there are several specially designated beaches for naturists.
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