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Last updated : Nov 2009
The Loss of a Hero!
Rating : (3.7) (63 Votes)

Pros : Great Sushi
Cons: Expensive

Oslo , Norway
December 15th 2003.

We went to Oslo, and all I can say is that this is the most expensive city we have ever been to. Yeah, there was free ice skating for Lucy, but everything else was pricey.

Saw the majority of the sites, including the Viking museum which was great and then we went to Thor Heyerdahl’s museum, one of my heroes in life, well used to be, and we are sitting there watching a video on Kontiki expedition, and a Whale shark swims up to them and just swims around minding its own business, and then he lets one of his men stab it with a harpoon, and it kind of, rolls over and dies. The guy calls himself a naturalist. As I said, used to be one of my heroes. When in Oslo, keep well away from this place. And then it happened, don’t you just hate it when you pull that camera up for its first shot, a message flashes up on the screen stating no flash card inserted, followed by Lucy screaming at me for being so forgetful. I promise, never to do that one again.

One other thing, not a coffee shop to be seen, but we did have good sushi and the food here was cheaper than beer !!!!!