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Last updated : Nov 2009
Lazy Writer
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Oslo, Norway
10th May 2005

Pros: Breathtaking!
Cons: None

I have once again been bad about writing and now I have a lot of catching up to do.

On Tuesday night I went to see Bombay Dreams. In case you don't know it's a musical about Bollywood. It was also free for me because it as a theatre club trip. We had amazing seats, I was even impressed with myself for being able to get them. The dancing and the singing was amazing. I loved it. It's odd how you don't think that you will like something then you give it a chance and it's great. Maybe my job would be better if I gave it another chance.

I found out the other day that Dave might come here for Thanksgiving. I hope he does. I find it amazing that two months after he is gone we are still talking and keeping in touch. I am very impressed with us. Perhaps it will actually work out. What an amazing story to tell people!

I also bought a place ticket for Venice. It's not until November 16-18 though. I am going to Barcelona November 30- December 2, I hope. I also want to do a 6 day trip which would include Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna. I really hope that will work out. I am also hoping to go to Lisbon right before I leave for home in January.

The most exciting thing is that my parents will be here in a week and a half. I can't wait, I miss them and I want to show them London.

The plane ride was pretty amazing. Rocks jutted out of the water raggedly. Slowly they became closer together until they became land. It was really breath taking.

Once I arrived the passport control guy kind of gave me a hard time. He asked so many questions: What are you doing here? How long are you going to stay? Where are you staying? Do you have enough money? I know why they do that, but come on, i'm a little blonde chick with a return ticket, leave me alone.

Vigeland was my first stop. This is where over 200 of Gustav Vigeland's sculptures are kept. He was a very important, talented, and now famous artist. His sculptures depict different cycles and stages in life. He had children playing and crying, men fighting, girls braiding their hair, and couples in various intimate positions. The odd thing was that they were all naked. (And the men all had really big penis's) At first I was shocked by it all, but then I understood. It was life naked- just raw emotion. It was also very phallic. There was a monolith of naked people all tangled together. The men, for the most part, were broad and strong. It really portrayed male domenerance and women as motherly. The women were also large and round.

I also went to the Vigeland Museum. It discussed the stories and the point behind many of the pieces in the park. It was a small museum but it really helped me to understand his work.

After that I went to the Oslo History Museum. It had an odd name and I had to check it out. Strangely it was not in my guide book. Oslo used to be called Christania but was renamed after one of the several large fires. It has also only been a capital since about 1848. That is when Dennark lost control of Norway. One of the more interesting, and odd displays was of kitchens throughout history. It was a rather interesting and fun display. I wish that there was more to the museum. Oslo is over 1000 years old, don't you think there would be more to it?

On my way back I found the Dom Kirche. I couldn't find any information about it though. It was still quite lovely though. When i got back to the hostel I spent the evening talking with some other travelers.

It looks like I will be in Phoenix after Christmas. It will be warm!