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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Bergen, Norway
July 1st, 2005

Pros: Amazing and beautiful scenery.
Cons: None

I'm in Norway!!!

Okay, so I know it has been a while since I have updated this, but the internet on the ship is down. So we pulled into Norway at about 6am on Wednesday. Andrew, Cameron, Jason and I decided to go to Oslo, which is the capital. So we bought train tickets (we accidently bought 12 because we bought them on a computer in an internet cafe and we didn't understand what the page was saying) and waiting around town until our train left at 4pm. The train ride over the mountains was absolutely amazing. I honestly can't describe how beautiful this country is. Right outside of Bergen, which is the city the ship is docked in, there is this amazing lake. I want to move here and have a house on that lake. After all of the lakes, we went a little higher up into the mountains and there was snow! it was so cool. Then we kept passing these houses along the way. There would be like two houses that were like 20 miles away from everything, we couldn't figure out how people lived there.

When we got to Oslo the first thing we did was stop by the tourist center in the train station. They told us that we weren't going to find any hotel rooms in the city. They were right. We tried like 5 nice hotels and they were all booked. We started walking into the not so nice part of town and we found a place that we still don't remember the name of, but we know it had sleep in the title. It was the shadiest place i have ever seen in my life. Everyone else that was staying there had to be on drugs. We were lucky enough that he had one room for four people. We were unlucky in the fact that it was down a dark creepy hallway. But hey, it was cheap. The guy at the hotel asked us like three times if we were sure we wanted to stay there. After we put our stuff down we walked around the city and it was so cool. It was about midnight and there were still street performers and stuff. After we went to a cafe a met some people (i asked each and every person if they knew about a haunted hotel, they all looked at me like i was crazy) we went to a gay bar. It was so much fun. They played Cher and songs like YMCA. At about three in the morning the sun started coming up, so we felt safe enough to go back to our "hotel" (when one guy we met found out where we were staying he told us to run into the "hotel" and lock the doors). We slept until about 10 am the next morning. Then it was time to start touring. We made a rule that each person got to pick one thing that they wanted to do while they were there and we all had to go. So we started with Jason's which was the ski jump on top of a hill. We took a train to the bottom of the hill then we got to walk up. The walk sucked, but it was pretty cool once we got to the top. After that we were trying to save money so we snuck back onto the train and rode back into town for free! Then we went to Andrew's which was the sculpture garden. I don't know what that was like because as soon as we got to the park it was in i layed on the grass and fell asleep. After that we took a bus to mine, which was the heritage museum, or something like it. It was super cool. They went around the country and took old old houses (from 13th-19th century) and moved them all together. There were two parts to the park, the city houses and the country houses. Then you got to walk around them and in each one there were people dressed to match the location and date of the house they were in. They were also doing crafts and making food of the time. After that we went to Cameron's which was this palace, but we were too late. The palace had already closed. So Cameron and Andrew decided to jump the fence, run up the hill, take pictures and then come back. Well, unfortunately that plan didn't work so well. About 20 minutes lates they were being escorted down the hill. Apparently the property still belongs to the king. haha! oops. well, after we bolted from there to the ferry, we went back to downtown. We went to this museum where there was the creepiest painting ever- it was of a girl dying, but she just happened to look just like me! Then we stopped for dinner, then toured around a fort for a while. Then it was about time to get back on our overnight train to Bergen. The train ride was awful! First off it went from 11 pm- 7am. So we planned on sleeping, especially since the guys all had a 12 hour hike today. Well, there were two girls who talked the whole time and it was freezing cold. Then we got back at 7 and had to power walk for 3 miles from the train station to the ship (which had been moved while we were gone, so we couldn't find it) so the guys wouldn't miss their trip. Then i ate breakfast, showered... since i hadn't showered in four days, then went to bed!

Now I am just hanging around Bergen, which is absolutely beautiful. I love it here. I fully plan to move here after college. There are fountains everywhere and parks too. The buildings are all really cute and there are cobble stone streets. Well, that is all for now! I miss you all!