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Last updated : Nov 2009
The Motherland
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Copenhagen, Norway
July 7th, 2005

Pros: A wonderful place
Cons: extremely expensive

I've been in Oslo for the past few days and it has been wonderful. The train ride in through Sweden was incredible as the scenery was gorgeous. My first day here I took a boat ride through the Oslo Fjords which has been by far my favorite thing that I have done on the trip so far. In Oslo the Fjords are wide and the mountains more like large hills but there are several islands in the area. The narrow Fjords that most people think of are on the west coast of Norway so hopefully I will see them when I go to Bergen in a few days. Some of the islands have odd rules, for example some people can not build houses on, some people cannot travel to in the winter or in the summer. There is one island where people left a few rabbits one year and now the island has thousand of rabbits.

The city itself is not as spectacular but the environment around it is beautiful. Oslo has an interesting history and is another one of the European cities that has burned down several times. I've also gone to several museums here, especially today as it was raining much of the day. Yesterday I went to the Norwegian folk museum which was an open air type deal where they recreate Norway from different time periods.

The main street in Oslo runs from the train station to the royal palace and the view from the palace is great, no wonder they put it there. The downside is that everything here is very expensive, extremely expensive. for example 2 dollars for a small bottle of water but luckily I found a fountain where I've been filling up bottles. I guess if you lived here then the costs and benefits would weigh out much more.

In a few days I'll be off to Bergen which I am excited about, it was the original capital of Norway at one point. It's been interesting to learn about the history of the country and also how Norway and Sweden approach each other. It sounds like kind of a weird relationship. Basically Norway is constantly trying to be as good as Sweden in most ways.

Tomorrow I am hoping for nice weather to go to the Olympic ski slope which sits on top one of the mountains here, the view is supposed to be wonderful. I also want to go to a sculpture park here as well. I wish that I had come in the winter because I am sure everything is beautiful covered in snow as well.