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Last updated : Nov 2009
Oman Sports
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Caving is popular in Oman. Majlis al-Jhinn is the world’s 2nd largest cave, its long passages, crystal clear streams, canals and drip curtains extend throughout its 4 million cubic metre expanse.

Water Sports

There are many sandy beaches offering great bathing, diving and sailing facilities. Many hotels have pools. There are also 3 private sports clubs with water skiing and fishing facilities. The Bander al-Rowdha Marina has a purpose built water sports complex, with a landscaped beach area, swimming pool and restaurants.

The Dubai to Muscat President’s Cup Regatta takes place each year. The waters of the Gulf of Oman and the North Indian Ocean are populated by swordfish, black marlin, tuna and sailfish making them ideal for game fishing.

A fishing permit is required from the Directorate General of Fisheries, and spear fishing is strictly forbidden. In the southern region, fishing is restricted to between Mughsayl and Taqah. Hunting is also strictly prohibited.


There are many sports clubs based in Muscat offering facilities for squash, tennis and karting. Football, hockey, volleyball and basketball are popular spectator sports and matches are staged at the Wattayah Stadium.

Owing to the nature of the terrain and climate, golf is not a prominent sport in Oman, however, there are several of sand courses operated by local clubs, as well as plans to build a course at A’Suwadi. Horse races and the more popular camel races are held on Fridays and public holidays at many different locations.