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Last updated : Nov 2009
Poland Getting Around - Internal Travel
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Internal airlines are operated by LOT Polish Airlines and there is comprehensive network linking all major cities.


Polish State Railways (PKP)and link all parts of the country in a network radiating from Warsaw. There are 2 classes of travel. The Polrailpass (and Junior Polrailpass for travellers under 26) is available for 8, 15, 21 or 30 days. This pass is available from travel agents and international rail ticket outlets, also from railway stations and travel agents within Poland. Children under 4 years of age travel free. Children aged 4 to 10 pay half fare.


Traffic in Poland drives on the right. The country has a dense network of filling stations. Unleaded petrol is available in most petrol stations. Most filling stations located along international routes are open 24/7.

Polish Automobile and Motorway Federation Polski Zwiazek Motorowy (PZM) can be called on 9637 nationwide for assistance. Starter emergency breakdown service can be called on (0801) 122 222.

For more information, contact Polski Zwiazek Motorowy, ul Kazimierzowska 66, 02-518 Warsaw (tel: (22) 849 9361; fax: (22) 848 1951; e-mail: office@pzm.pl).


There are good quality regional bus and coach services operated by Polish Motor Communications (PKS) as well as the Polski Express connecting most towns.

Car hire

Self-drive cars are available at the airport or through many car rental offices in town centres. The minimum driving age is 21. Charges are based on a daily rate plus a kilometre charge.


Speed limit is 60kph in built-up areas, 90kph on major roads and 110kph on motorways. Seat belts and warning triangles are unavoidable. Trams have the right of way. From 1st October to 1st April, all vehicles should have their lights switched on at all times.


Tourists travelling in their own cars should have car registration cards, their national driving licence (driving licences of EU nationals are accepted) and a valid Green Card motor insurance. An International Driving Permit is also compulsory.



There are excellent services in all towns, with additional trams and trolleybuses operating in a dozen of the larger urban areas. Warsaw has bus, tramway and rail services. A flat fare is charged and there are pre--purchase tickets and passes.


Taxis are available in all main towns. They are usually found at ranks but can also be ordered by phone. There is a surcharge from 2300hrs-0500hrs and for journeys out of town, as well as at weekends. Taxi drivers may be adamant on payment in hard currency. Tipping is very much welcomed.


Weekend and 7-day tourist tickets can be purchased. Most public transport operates from 0530hrs-2300hrs.

Travel times

The following chart gives the approximate travel times (in hours and minutes) from Warsaw to other major cities/towns in Poland.
  Air Road Rail
1.40 4.00 2.35
1.00 4.00 3.00
1.15 6.00 4.35
1.00 6.00 3.40
2.00 8.00 5.40
1.30 4.30 2.35
- 2.00 1.40
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