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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Featured tales
Camp Krak

Pros: interesting sights
Cons: none

We arrived at the border crossing between Hungary and Slovakia in the early evening. The no mans land between the two countries was .... read more

Camel toes, cheap wine and a bad joke

Pros: amazing city, many interesting sights, cosy hotel, intelligent and friendly local population
Cons: none

ive just left krakow, and i can honestly say i think i have found the perfect european city, but more about that later...sorry but this ones .... read more

Trip to Central Europe - Krakow and Auschwitz

Pros: interesting places like Auschwitz-Birkenau, a lot of outdoor cafe, overwhelming and very emotional
Cons: several very sad industrial towns, lots of cold communist era concrete residential buildings

We left Berlin around noon and headed across eastern Germany toward Krakow. Eastern Germany was very dull. Flat brown and grey .... read more

Warsaw, Poland

Pros: interesting places, largest market in Eastern Europe-held in a stadium ground, Krasinski Gardens-beautiful,most touristic-Stare Miastro & Old Town, amazing Polish food
Cons: none

One of these days I will learn to begin a journey without a blinding hangover and/or serious lack of sleep. In this case, again it was both...... read more

Krakow and Auschwitz

Pros: Auschwitz-a must see place,Krakow-a beautiful city
Cons: none

And now it was time to travel to a place synomonous with death and persecution. A place that the world knows the name of and.... read more

Home, sort of

Pros: young student town, huge main square, many churches, concentraion camps-Auschwitz-Birkenau
Cons: none

In Krakow. (Ok that was only to hold the place of the following entry).
After Slovakia, I headed into Poland - first stop Krakow. Now ... read more
Whats the craic in Krakow

Pros: nice place
Cons: none

Ahhhhh what a nice place Krakow is! (or as we like to call it crackwhore, cause if you say it fast enough no one knows the difference!) ... read more
Not all it's Krak'd up to be

Pros: salt mine-apparently one of the biggest in Europe, auschwitz-amazing experience
Cons: none

I realise i've left this latest entry hanging a bit. Think i started to worry some people when they hadn't heard anything from me. Must say ... read more
A Day Trip to Birkenau

Pros: auschwitz-a memorial and museum, amazing experience
Cons: none

Birkenau probably doesn't mean much to most people reading this, but the place just down the road from it surely will: Aushwitz. A 90 ... read more
Krakow, Poland

Pros: amazing experience, lots to see and learn, dynamic nightlife
Cons: none

Streching out our contorted muscles after stepping off of our couchette train ride, we arrived in Poland. We had heard stories of Krakow ... read more
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