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Camp Krak
Pros: interesting sights
Cons: none

Krakow, Poland

Friday, Sep 04, 1998 08:07

We arrived at the border crossing between Hungary and Slovakia in the early evening. The no mans land between the two countries was rather small. That is, when we arrived in Slovakia and handed over our passports, the rear of the van was still in Hungary !!!!! The first thing that we noted was the amount of disco/karaoke places that double as brothels. We drove through and found a castle that was falling down, to go over before the sun went down. Then we drove a bit more, and noticed that there were a lot of drunk people around. The problem was that they kept on wandering out into the vans path. They were blind. We found a good place to sleep and slept. We set off the next day and arrived at the border of Slovakia and Poland. Now Melanie had quite large breasts, so we were held up as all the soldier boys wanted to look !!!!! Trying to get into Poland was different. John and Janelle went straight through, then the guards changed, and the main man asked how we had got there. We told him we had driven all the way but he was insisting that we had caught a ferry in Italy !!!!! After half an hour, he let us in. We drove around the Tatra mountains and found our way into the campground. We were now in Krakow. Home of Pope John Paul the second

The main reason for coming to Krakow was to see the death camps. Auschwitz and Birkenau. We all piled into John’s car and set off. Most people know them all as Auschwitz, but Birkenau is the place where the rail tracks come into as seen in the movie Schindler’s list. I could go into it, but I won’t as it is quite foul and having a Jewish heritage, I went there as I wanted to rest a few demons. We went back to the campground, and hung out. The next day, we went into town and had a look round. Saw the castle and the Pope’s cathedral. Bought a load of stuff from the Cloth Hall as well. The next day, we went to see the salt mines. Now this is a happening place, complete with a little cathdral down the bottom. Also, all through the mine were little carved salt dwarves, they were there as they were meant to protect the place. That evening, as it was Melanie’s birthday, we decided to try the 100 club. As we had arranged this properly, we were using Krakow commemorative glasses, same size as the canisters though. We set off, as it was colder and no dinner, it was harder to do. At 28, Melanie had a shot of vodka to celebrate her birthday. By 32, she was gone. At 57, my head turned around in circles, and I was throwing. Lucy made 62 and then it was left to John and Janelle. At 91, Janelle pulled a cloth to her mouth, but it didn’t help. Beer started to come out of nostrils and then dribbled out of her mouth, then she roared and beer came flying out. John made it to the 100 so it pleased him. One last other thought was that when we went to buy milk, it came in plastic bladders. In cardboard cartons was sour cream. We did buy some and tried it. It was horrible. Upon leaving Camp Krak, we asked the people there, and they said they drank it !!!!! They were pleased that we had left them a present