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Whats the craic in Krakow
Pros: nice place
Cons: none

Krakow, Poland

Monday, Aug 08, 2005 16:06

Ahhhhh what a nice place Krakow is! (or as we like to call it crackwhore, cause if you say it fast enough no one knows the difference!)
We loved this place so much. We hadn't booked any hostel but we met some people on the night train and followed them to a hostel but that was booked out....we ended up at a better one anyway so don't be getting to upset for us. It was lovely the bunk beds were so nice and comfortable and it was clean!

On our first day we just looked around at the markets, we where going to go to the salt mines which we heard was really good but Moya's foot started playing up again and seeing as there was alot of walking involved we decided to just stay local. That night we met up with the people from the train to get some dinner in the Jewish quater, I think we proved how religious we were when we both said that Jewish people don't eat meat on Fridays and the girl (Ester) turned around and said 'No that Catholics' (they had went to the salt mines that day and told us how bad it was...so we felt better)

The next day we all headed to Auschwitz not really looking forward to it cause we knew about all the horrible things that happened there, But when you get there and you're doing the tour it hits you what those people went through. They have huge galss displays of womens hair that the nazis cut off, suitcases that the jews had packed thinking that they were going to a better place and a small case of baby clothes the thing that got both of us though was in one room they had the photos of the children that had died, they had been taken after their hair had been shaved and the photos were taken like prison photos. In them you could see that some of the children had been crying just by looking at their eyes and it just breaks your heart looking at their faces.

We also went into one of the gas chambers which was very eerie. You just walk out of it thinking how could anyone be so evil and how did this all happen for so long, Its just crazy!

After the tour we ditched the people that we met on the train (well actually they kinda ditched us i think) but we didn't care cause they annoyed us anyway.

We went to wawel Hill, and walked around a bit I couldn't settle cause we had found a really nice ice cream parlour the day before and I really wanted some more so after that we headed there for some nice ice cream.

We were sad to leave krakow cause it was so nice and Im really gonna miss that ice cream parlour :(

Linda and Moya