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Last updated : Nov 2009
Not all it's Krak'd up to be
Pros: salt mine-apparently one of the biggest in Europe, auschwitz-amazing experience
Cons: none

Krakow, Poland

Friday, Sep 02, 2005 18:58

I realise i've left this latest entry hanging a bit. Think i started to worry some people when they hadn't heard anything from me. Must say i am flattered.

Anyway, it's my last night in krakow, should of been last night, but i'll get on to that in a min.

So i arrived safely 5:30 in the morning in Krakow station, and in a bit of pain too! No i wasn't mugged (yay for me) but had to sleep sitting up. Coming up to Krakow, i was approached by a girl in a "tourist information" t-shirt asking if i had any accomodation arranged. I said no. She then provided the solution. I had heard about hostel employees touting rooms on trains, and funnily enough it was the same hostel that Andy and Will (the guys from Prague) stayed at. About Prague, very funny story but a bit rude, so when i'm back just say "deutsche machiner" and i will tell all.

So anyway, Strawberry hostel; free internet access and 6 pound a night. And the rooms weren't bad either. The buiding is a halls of residence used as a hostel during summer. Because of this, i have managed to sleep in three different rooms since being in Krakow.

So my first day was alright. Met two english girls; Jo (from Leeds) and Lucy (from Hull) in my hostel. We skipped into town holding hands (not really). We ate some lunch in a small park, where the girls got abuse from a homeless drunk woman. It was scary, but looking back it's quite funny, because the woman didn't heckle me.

A quick back history of Jo - she's been travelling for the past couple of months, and was in turkey, and worked at a bar. There she met Simone (not the ex) a blonde aussie (Pete you would of loved her) who is also travelling.

So we met up with Simone, went out for dinner, i had peirogi (kinda like ravioli, but not as good). Went back to the hostel and slept.

Next day did a shite load of walking, saw the castle and cathedral on Wawel Hill. Went inside the cathedral (very nice) and had to pay to leave the ground. Basically there's a legend, that a dragon lived at the bottom of the hill (kinda like the poddington peas at the bottom of the garden). SO i paid 50p to go down this spiral stair case that led into a cave, which looked something out of Shelob's lair from Lord of the Rings. Remember Shelob the giant spider that attacks Frodo, and you think he dies but doesn't really (i don't apologise for ruining it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet - you shouldn't have taken so long).

I then went on a salt mine tour. Apparently its one of the biggest in Europe, and at one point i was over 100ft below sea level. Everything inside, funnily enough is made of salt, of which most of it was edible...i licked the wall. I met a group of brits three northern irish, one english. Went out for dinner with them and then got very drunk with the northern irish guy, who we will call Damien, because that's his name. We planned to go to auschwitz on thursday morning.

My head was hurting far too much to go next day, so i slept in. By this time i had already moved dorm room once the day before, because they were beginning to close the building down for the nex students. I had to move to a different building yesterday morning, where they put me a smelly german, did i say he smelt? Yes? Well i'll say it again. It was so bad. The worst was when i met him... at 2pm when i woke up fully recovered from the night before. He comes in, i simply say "english?". He shaked his head, then says "deutsche?". I shake my head. He goes and sits down with three beers he's just bought, opens one and then offers me the other one. I say no, grab anything valuable and leave to get some food. I was out for over an hour, i get back and he's there looks at me and offers me the third can of beer. I say no again, take my book and start to read it. I convinced myself he was a serial killer with a hacked up body in his luggage. I don't think he is though. And to be honest i don't really care, cos i've left the hostel. But i will cry if he ends up on my train, and in my carriage, sitting next to me, stroking my leg. You may think this is far-fetched, but you didn't see the man, i did, and i had to share a room with him and his bloody annoying mobile phone that kept on beeping cos he had a text message, but he was sound asleep and couldn't hear it.

But apart from that, i had a good thursday night. Went out with the peeps from the night before, for a curry. We get along so well, that we might meet up in Dubrovnik (croatia).

And today went to auschwitz (i made it there!). I gotta say that everybody should go to auschwitz before they die. It's an amazing experience. It was very peaceful, but felt eerie at the same time.

Overall, Krakow i don't think was as nice as Prague, although a lot of people i have met this trip have said otherwise. The beer is stupidly cheap - 1 litre glasses for just under 2 pounds.

So i leave tonight (10:30pm) and arrive 9:30am in Budapest. I'll be sitting once again as all beds have been booked up...great.

I'm a bit hurt that not more of you participated in the last question for a pressie. Only one reply that was wrong anyway Cathy. It wasn't American Pie, but Problem Child 2 when a dad drinks a fresh glass of piss thinking its lemonade. Which leads to the next question for a pressie, where do i like to buy freshly made lemonade once a year? Answers on an email.

Well, its goodbye from me, and i'll try and post a blog sooner than later next time. But that's not really saying much now.