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A Travelling I Go!
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Lisbon, Portugal
January 12th 2004

Today I saw something that I have wanted to see for some time. I saw the other side of the Atlantic. But I don't want to get ahead of myself.

When I arrived on Saturday I was able to get downtown only one hour after my plane landed. That is always a good sign. I thought that I would be able to walk in the sand but that turned out to be impossible.

While I was wandering I found many beautiful monuments. Lisbon is amazing. It's clean for a capital city and the people are very friendly.

I then found the Se Cathedral. The cloister was built in 1150 but the cathedral but was done in 1766. The church was pretty with amazing old sculptures and wooden statues, this was all part of the ruins of the cloister. The old ceiling was still in existence. The center courtyards were mostly gone. Tree's and bushes had taken over including one pink flowered tree. The contrast between the dark stone and the delicate flowers was stunning.

After that I continued to wander until I found the ruins of the Castel de Sao Jorge. This was once a Moorish strong hold but now is a public garden. It offers amazing views of the city, couples were everywhere. I felt so alone. I need Dave for a romantic place like this. Just think of all the photo opportunities. Then I saw a man peeing on the castle, the moment was over.

I spent the next few hours wandering the compact streets of the old town. I'm such a travel slut. It only took me a few hours to fall in love with another city!

I ended up going out with a bunch of people to a few bars. Eventually I was tired so I headed back.

On Sunday's museum entrances are free! I decided to spend the day in Belem. This area is right on the water and a tribute to Portugese exploration.

I started off at the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. Built in 1501 it was a true benefit from exploration. Mostly visitors are only allowed in the courtyard and a few rooms off of that. It was amazing. Ornately carved column supported the bright courtyard. I really enjoyed it.

The weather yesterday was amazing. I didn't even need a sweater.

After the monestary I hit the monument to discoveries. It's only 43 years old and meant to mark the 500th anniversary of Henry the Navigators death. It pictured different Portugese men who helped to discover the world.

Next came the Torre de Belem. This fortress, built in 1521, was the starting point for navigators leaving Lisbon. Thus it became a real symbol of discovery. Mostly it just gave a great view of Lisbon.

Between all of this I also popped into the Arceology Museum and the Maritime Musuem. Aparently I wasn't interested so I didn't linger.

I checked out some nice ducks in a tropical park, Jardim Agricola Tropical. The trees were pretty and I think the ducks were having sex. But maybe they were just loud.

At this point the hangover and lack of sleep were killing me. I solved this by finding the mall. Mostly I just wanted to watch a movie. I ended up seeing two.

As I wrote earlier I went to the beach today. I went to a small town called Azenhas do Mar. I wanted a small town, and I got it. The waves came right up to the rocks. The town set up on the top of the cliffs. A natural title pool was beautiful. It was truly nature it it's finest. I walked along the cliffs until I came to where I could walk on the beach. I kicked off my shoes and walked in the sand.

When the tide came in I had to leave. Then I grabbed some lunch at a place that over looked the ocean. I then went to poke around Coleras. I was told that it was great, I didn't really see why.