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Partaking in plenty of port in Porto in Portugal
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Porto, Portugal
March 18th, 2004

Pros: Great Port
Cons: None

Porto is a quaint port city in northern Portugal and the country’s second largest after Lisbon. But the real reason to visit is simple - it is the home of port wine. And so we quickly took in the very picturesque city before crossing the bridge over to the south bank lined with Port caves.

One blatantly self-promoting winery tour later and we were sampling our first batch of port. Not bad, but we wanted more and so we set off on a port crawl along the different caves. We went to five different caves and tasted everything from dry white (so so), ruby (good), tawny (better) and 30-year-old blends. Luckily it was in that order, because once you’ve had good 30-year port, it’s impossible going back to the “normal” stuff…

After eight odd glasses of (free) port we stumbled back to the campground for a hearty Portuguese dinner of miscellaneous deep-fried animal. I’d purchased a couple of good bottles of port - one of which won’t mature before I’m about 50. Not sure if I’ve got the patience for that one…