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Portugal: rained out in Tavira, but sunny in Lagos
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Lagos, Portugal,
May 10th, 2002

Pros: Glorious days of sunshine
Cons: None

We were blessed with three glorious days of sunshine in Lagos. It was perfect- gorgeous beach, great weather, and nothing to do but enjoy it. We were reluctant to leave, but Yarrow was flying home for her brother´s graduation, so the three of us returned to Lisbon so that Lisay and I could see her off to Madrid.

On our second day in Lisbon I had to go to see a doctor, because my hip, which has been a bit tricky for about a week and a half, started to get even trickier. (I love calling it my trick hip, it cracks me up cause I sound like I am 90 years old.) Anyway, it was to the point where every step was painful, so we went to the British Hospital, hoping they would have English speaking doctors. After a long wait, the doctor spent about a minute and a half with me before deciding I needed to see an orthopedic surgeon. That made me quite nervous, but four x-rays, 169 Euros, and a couple hours later, the orthopedic surgeon determined that I was suffering from a torn ligament. He said I should just take some anti-inflamatory medicine and stay off my feet for a few days. The doctor was far more concerned with lecturing me on the importance of sunscreen (which I am well aware of and use religiously) than with my hip. I was irritated, because he was supposedly an orthopedic surgeon, not a dermatologist, but I dutifully sat through his half hour lecture, and was happy to grab my prescription and get out to there.

Staying off my feet when we are staying on the fourth floor of a hotel with no elevator is not the easiest task, but I´ve been doing my best. It is really hard being in a city with so much to see, I am dying to go out and explore, but I also don´t want to exacerbate the problem, so I´ve been staying home in the mornings and only venturing out for a couple hours a day. It is quite boring to sit in a hotel room alone for a big chunk of the day, but I´ll manage. My hip is already feeling a bit better, which is a relief.

Tomorrow we are off to Evora, then we´ll return to Lagos for a little bit more time at the beach. We return to Madrid the night of the 23rd. Scott will be arriving the morning of the 25th. I am practically delirious with excitement. As much as I am enjoying Portugal (or at least was enjoying it before I got confined to the room) I hope the days fly by.