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Last updated : Nov 2009
Saying goodbye is hard to do
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Lisbon, Portugal
January 13th, 2004

Pros: Great Sea Otters
Cons: None

Today was the last in Portugal, the last in Europe.

My first stop was the ruins of the Carmo Church. Most of it wasn't in English so I simply took pictures and enjoyed the serenity and beauty. The slightly odd thing was that there were two mummies. They were both children from Peru, I am guessing sacrifice?

My next stop was the aquarium, its the second largest in the world. The sea otters were the best. It was a nice tranquil day.

I went to the airport very early. I thought there might be an earlier flight. I had just missed it so I got to hang out instead.

Right now I am about 30 minutes from London. I can't wait to get back to make sure all of my valuables are still there.

I really enjoyed Lisbon and Portugal. I would like to spend more time here. But I think that is a given.

I will be home in almost 24 hours. Eventually I will finish this, but not for a long time.