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Last updated : Nov 2009
Black Sea Coast
Black Sea Coast - TravelPuppy.com
This coastline is the principal tourist area of Romania and ideal for family holidays. Its 70km (43 miles) of fine white sandy beaches boasts many resorts, the main ones being Costinesti, Eforie Sud, Eforie Nord, Jupiter, Mangalia, Mamaia, Saturn, Neptun-Olimp, Techirghiol and Venus-Aurora. There are boating centres for watersports on the sea and lakes, and both daytime and evening cruises. The curative properties of the salt waters and the mud from Lake Techirghiol (whose thermal springs have a year-round temperature ofa 24°C/75°F), Mangalia, Eforie and Neptun make the Romanian Riviera popular with those seeking spa treatments, especially for rheumatism. The Greek/Byzantine port of Constanta, founded in the 6th century BC, is worth a visit, and inland there are interesting archaeological sites including the ancient Greek city ruins of Callatis, Tomis and Histria. The area is inhabited by foxes, wildcats, otters and boars and in the migratory periods one can see over 300 species of birds.
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