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Romania Communications
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Facilities are available at most large hotels.


Kappa and PC-Net are two of the biggest of the 250-odd ISPs. The former has open-air terminals at Strada Paulescu Nicolae 9, Bucharest, while the latter is at Strada Calderon Jean Louis 1-5, Bucharest. Sweet Internet Cafe, Strada Maria Rosetti 7-9, Bucharest (tel: (21) 212 4111) has 24hour access, as do some others of Bucharest’s many Internet cafes.


Telegram facilities are available at post offices and a night telegram service (2000-0700) is available in Bucharest. Telegrams are cheap and efficient form of international communication from Romania.


 IDD is available

 Country code: 40

 Outgoing international code: 00

Public telephones are extensively available and can be used for direct international calls. Hotels often impose a high service charge for long-distance calls, but usually do not charge for local calls. >

Mobile telephones

GSM 900/1800 networks.

Network operators include:



Airmail to Western Europe takes one week. Post offices are open daily, as well as on Saturday mornings.


English newspapers and publications include:

 Bucharest Business Week
 Nine O’Clock
 Romanian Economic Daily

There are a great number of daily and weekly newspapers published in Romanian, Hungarian and German.


From time to time the radio frequencies change and the most up to date information can be found online:

 BBC World Service can be received.

 Voice of America can be received