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Romania General Info
Romania General Information - TravelPuppy.com

238,391 sq km (92,043 sq miles)


21,680,974 (2002)

Population Density

90.9 per sq km



Population of Bucharest

1,925,334 (2002)


Romania is bordered to the north and east by Moldova and Ukraine, the southeast by the Black Sea, the south by Bulgaria, the southwest by Serbia and Montenegro and in the west by Hungary. The country is divided into four geographical areas. Transylvania (a belt of Alpine massifs and forests) and Moldavia make up the northern half of the country, which is divided down the middle by the north–south strip of the Carpathian Mountains. South of the east–west line of the Carpathians lies the smooth Danube plain of Walachia with the capital Bucharest, its border with Bulgaria being defined by the course of the Danube. Romania’s coastline is along the Black Sea, including the port of Constanta and the Danube Delta.


Democratic Republic since 1991.

Head of State: President Traian Basescu since December 2004.

Head of Government: Outgoing Prime Minister Adrian Nastase.


Romanian is the official language. Some German and Hungarian are spoken in border areas, while mainly French and some English are spoken by those who are in the tourist industry.


83 per cent Romanian Orthodox, with Roman Catholic, Reformed/Lutheran, Unitarian, Jewish and Muslimminorities.

Time Zone

GMT + 2 (GMT + 3 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October).


220 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs are of the two-pin type.
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