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Last updated : Nov 2009
Welcome to Romania! No Bus No Boat No Train!
Pros: beach playing by day, discos, strolling the boulevards at night, sightseeing
Cons: none

Suceava, Romania

Monday, Aug 30, 2004 07:45

On Aug 21st I left the good ole USA in search of an Eastern European Adventure!

I flew to Bucharest, Romania and...upon arrival...I really had no definite plans...so...when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it!
--In a newsstand in the airport I met a Romanian-now-living-in-the-U.S.--we chatted a bit...and...5 minutes later he returned to say I was coming with him and his Business associate (from Michigan)--they were in search of Land Purchase opportunities in Romania--and, were going to the beach!
So...Paul hopped on board their rental car and...4 hours later...was on the Black Sea Coast!
Not a bad start!
Aug 22, 23, 24, 25--days spent enjoying the Romanian beach scene--beach playing by day...discos and strolling the boulevards at night...no complaints here! I stayed in Neptun--2 nights...Costinesti--2 nights...both fun but...Costinesti was better!
Aug 26--a travel day--to Constanta for lunch and sightseeing...then...onto Tulcea (near the border with Ukraine). Arrival in Tulcea followed a meeting with two Irish girls--became friends on the train--we hung out together that evening with a Romanian friend met along the way.
Aug 27, 28--nights spent with a family (elderly couple--the man--age 78--was strong as an ox!)...days spent in search of opportunities for travel into the Ukraine...unfortunately, they proved not-so-fruitful...as the going price was over USD$350!!!!
So...instead of complaining...I enjoyed 3 days in Tulcea with my new friends from Ireland and Romania! Chatting...going to cafes...meeting with boat captains and government officials (who wanted a "cut" of my travel "action")...and...finally...departing northwards.
Aug 29--a stop in Galati overnight (a FREE stay with a shop owner I met on the street--THANK YOU SO MUCH! Her family invited me into their apartment...fed me dinner and breakfast, and even took me to the train station in the morning!--hospitality at its finest!). As for transit into the Ukraine--my suspicions were confirmed that traveling into the Ukraine from Galati wouldn't be much better than from Tulcea (visa hassles, expenses, etc.)...so...continuing north I went!
Aug 30--7 hr train ride from Galati to Suceava (all travel so far has been in Romania). Fun conversation with a local met onboard the train...then...adventures in Suceava!!!

Main Highlights/Lowlights of Week #1 in Romania?
* Beautiful girls...and...at the beach...they wear very little!
* Everybody smokes, it seems :( Buy stock in Phillip Morris!
* The CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG in Romania (opposite of USA).
* Americans are given special treatment here (price for services immediately goes up!)
* Yes, there are gypsies in Romania--nobody likes them.