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Russia Communications
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Fascimile services are available in numerous business centres and hotels, although the latter option is more expensive.


ISPs include:

ISPs include:



Public access is available in hotels in larger cities as well as in Internet cafes.

Mobile telephones

GSM 900/1800 networks.

Network operators include Mobile Telesystems and KB Impuls .

All the major cities are covered by at least one operator. Handsets is available for hire from some companies.


 Airmail to Western Europe takes about 10 days.

 Poste Restante facilities are available at larger hotels.

There are post offices and postboxes in every hotel. Inland surface mail is often quite slow.

Post office hours: 0900-1900hrs.


The main dailies in the Russian Federation are Komsomolskaya Pravdax and Komsomolskaya Pravda, both published in Moscow.

Newspapers and magazines are published in 25 languages. Multilingual editions of Moscow News are available weekly. St Petersburg Times and The Moscow Times are published in English.

There is also daily Internet newspaper, Russia Today.


Country code: 7.
Outgoing international code: 810.
IDD is available.

When dialling the Russian Federation from abroad, the 0 of the area code should not be omitted. Some of the hotels in Moscow have telephone booths with IDD. For long-distance calls within the CIS, dial 8 and then wait for the dial tone before proceeding with the call.

Collect calls, calls placed using credit cards and calls from direct dial telephones in hotels can be very expensive. International calls can be made from phones in the street and phonecards are available from a number of shops and kiosks in the street.

Emergency services can be reached as follows: fire – 01; police – 02; ambulance – 03. For enquiries regarding Moscow private telephone numbers, dial 09 and for businesses dial 927 0009. For national directory enquiries regarding the Russian Federation and the CIS, dial the number - 927 0009.


From time to time the radio frequencies change and the most current information can be found online:

 BBC World Service can be received.

 Voice of America can be received