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Last updated : Nov 2009
Rostov Veliky, Sergiyev Posad and Sofrin
Rostov Veliky, Sergiyev Posad and Sofrin - TravelPuppy.com
Rostov Veliky

Founded in the 9th century, this town has a fine-looking Kremlin and Cathedral of the Dormition. The town overlooks the shores of the Nero Lake, and is surrounded by some ancient monasteries.

Sergiyev Posad

This small town, formerly known as Zagorsk, is positioned on two rivers and is the centre of handmade toy industry; the Toy Museum has a collection beginning in the Bronze Age. Trinity Monastery of St Sergius dates from the Middle Ages and is a major pilgrimage centre. Its Cathedral of the Dormition has amazing blue domes decorated with gold stars. The museum contains examples of Russian ecclesiastical crafts and art.


The Icon Workshops, in nearby Sofrin, produce ecclesiastical ware. Also near Sergiyev Posad, the literary and artistic museum of Abramtsevo houses paintings by Repin, Vrubel and Serov. The museum is bounded by birch woods and parkland. Ornate traditional Russian huts are dotted all around the estate.