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Last updated : Nov 2009
Sochi, Dagomys and Kazan
Sochi, Dagomys and Kazan - TravelPuppy.com

A very popular resort with subtropical climate and a famous health spa, it is located on the Black Sea’s eastern coast beneath the dramatic Caucasus Mountains. An observation tower on Mt Bolshoi Akhun, 23km from the town, provides a fantastic views of the town, almost all of the Caucasian Riviera and the surrounding mountains. There is a large Riviera Park with numerous tourist facilities and a Botanical Garden, founded during the last century, with beautiful, interesting trees and shrubs from all over the world. Boat and hovercraft trips on the Black Sea are available from the port.


For those who want a resort-based holiday, this new holiday centre lying to the north of Sochi is perfect. Overlooking the Black Sea, it is brilliantly located amongst thickly wooded hills and subtropical greenery. Nearby is the Dagomys State Tea Farm where visitors can sample the fragrant Krasnodar tea accompanied by the delicious local jams, pastries, fruits and nuts whilst enjoying the impressive mountain scenery.

The Volga provides an additional road into the Russian Federation. Travelling by river from Kazan to Rostov-on-Don is a very pleasing tour.


The cultural centre of the Tartars, this city boasts a Kremlin dating from the 16th century which, with its churches and towers, is interesting to visit. The Tartar State Museum and the 18th century mosque are also interesting.