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Pros: amazing and beautiful place, sites on every corner
Cons: none

St. Petersburg, Russia

Wednesday, Mar 03, 2004 14:04

Well we've arrived in Russia and everything is going great. We are currently in the Hermitage museum and feeling a bit exhausted from all the walking so are just taking a break.

St. Petersburg is amazing so far. The whole place is just beautiful and there's basically sites on every corner. Far too much for us to see in 3 days.

We arrived on Sunday, still feeling the effects from London and were met by Sergei, our driver. He also picked up an Australian guy, Rodney, who we keep bumping into. He has a similar itinerary so I'm sure we'll see alot more of him.

We're staying in a Homestay with one women, Tania. Her husband comes and goes. I think she said they're actually divorced but Mike is convinced she was talking about the fall of the Soviet Union so who knows. Communicating is very difficult here. Everyone has very little English. But we're getting by.
There's also a dog, 'Dei', in the house so that's cool.

There is also a girl just arrived today who is on her way back to Holland after a year traveling. This is her last day away and we're only on day 7! Brilliant!

Our first full day we had a driving tour and saw absolutely loads. Too much to remember. We drove by Pavlov's house (where he messed with his dogs head) and I was impressed by that. Also the palace out at Pushkin was amazing.

Have been to a few bars and it's been a good laugh. Our first night out Tania warned us "Russian women are beautiful...but dangerous." I told her so are Irish women.
Some girl sent a note across the bar to Mike and we were baffled. We can't figure out if she was a prozzy or not. Baffling.

We actually thought we're smart enough to survive on our own...but as we left the apartment building I was trying to press the buzzer to open the door. It was dark, and on closer inspection I had been putting my finger repeatedly in to a plug socket. Idiot.

Beer is cheap and everyone has been really good to us.

Right. The train to Moscow is tonight. Should be good.

Still no chance to hook up camera so photos will follow.