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Greetings from Russia
Pros: greeny place, alot to see, decorated stations, beautiful Red Square
Cons: none

Moscow, Russia

Tuesday, Jun 10, 2003 06:34

Hello everyone
I made it safely to Moscow yesterday, although it was a long day. I got about one hour of sleep on Sunday night and had to get up at 3.00am to go to the airport. I was still packing at 2.00am - organised as usual.

As we came in to land at Moscow Airport, all you could see for miles were trees. Russia is a very green place - well this part of it anyway, I think there's going to be a lot less trees further across.

It was very hot when I arrived - 30oC. The drive to the hotel was pretty scary. My seatbelt wasn't working and there appear to be no rules as to how to drive here. I had an early night as I was extremely tired!

I slept through my alarm clock this morning and was late for my tour round Moscow. I had a Russian buddy, Oksana, who showed me the sights. We saw the Kremlin, Lenin's Tomb, Stalin's grave, St Basils and lots of really ornate underground stations that really put the London Underground to shame. She also told me a lot about the history of Moscow. Apparently Red Square is not named due to the blood spilled there as many people think, but because Red in Russian means beautiful. It is very beautiful. Unfortunately St Basil's was covered in scaffolding and sheets so I couldn't really see it too well, which was quite disappointing. Lots of places are closed today because it's a national holiday of some sort on Thursday that they are preparing for.

I'm catching my train tomorrow at 3.00pm to Ekaterinburg, so I'm hoping to have enough time to visit the Kremlin first.

Anyway, nothing exciting to write about at the moment. I'll try and update again when I get the chance.