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Last updated : Nov 2009
Saudi Arabia Travel Guide
Saudi Arabia Travel Guide and Singapore Travel Information -
'Al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya'

Travel warning

There is an ongoing high threat of terrorism in Saudi Arabia. Following terrorist attacks in May and June 2004, it is suspected that terrorists are scheduling further attacks, including against Westerners and places associated with Westerners in Saudi Arabia. All necessary steps to protect safety and to guarantee strict security precautions should be undertaken. It should also be remembered that Islamic law is strictly enforced in Saudi Arabia. Travellers should visit 1 of the following government websites or call the telephone numbers provided for the latest risk assessment:

British Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Tel: +44 (0)870 606 0290.

US Department of State

Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Saudi Arabia occupies 4 5ths of the Arabian peninsula. Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, the Gulf of Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen border it. The red sea lies to the west. Riyadh (Ryad), the royal capital, is a modern city constructed on the site of the original town. Apart from the fort and a few traditional Najdi palaces near Deera Square, minute trace of the old town remains.

The west coast is a centre for trade, but of equal significance is the concentration of Islamic holy cities, including Mecca and Medina. The region also includes the city of Jeddah, until recently Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic capital, which remains the most important commercial and cultural gateway to Saudi Arabia. Mecca is the spiritual centre of the Islamic world.

Places of significance to Muslims include the Kaabah Enclosure and the House of Abdullah Bin Abdul Muttalib, which was where Muhammad was born. Priority has been given to the preservation of the ancient city of Jeddah, however leisure facilities have increased and the corniche has a ‘Brighton’ feel about it. The main meat meal of the day is lunch, usually either kultra (meat on skewers) or kebabs served with vegetables and soup.
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