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Last updated : Nov 2009
Back to Edinburgh via Stirling
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Stirling, Scotland
October 30, 2003

Pros: Views from Stirling Castle are spectacular.
Cons: The weather

Today I am going back to Edinburgh as I have completed the circuit of MacBackpackers Jump-on Jump-off tour through the Highlands. Yesterday was spent in Oban, which is a real gateway to other Scottish Isles, but the weather was horrid, raining and cold, so I decided to head back to Edinburgh, via Stirling and then carry on to Ireland. However, not before heading into Stirling to see the William Wallace Monument and the gaudy Braveheart statue. Braveheart is always a discussed topic when entering Stirling as this is where the event took place, however, Scots have real issue with the movie as it contains many inaccuracies, however, they also value the attention brought to that even by means of the movie. I must say though, the stupid braveheart statue really cheapens the look of the monument. However, there is slight walk uphill to the actual monument and my legs were suffering already so it was a slow journey. However, once up there, I was glad that I had made the tough ascent as the views over Stirling and Stirling Castle were fantastic. As well, Stirling is known as the gateway to the highlands, as from this point, you can see how the landscape changes form flat to the jagged peaks of the highlands! The rest of the trip back to Edinburgh was fairly relaxed and laidback, which was well needed after the last few days. Once back at the hostel, the part mood was high as it was October 30, and the hostel was having their Halloween party that night. So I threw on my Cowboy hat, bought a few toy guns and a sheriff badge, completed by my rodeo princess t-shirt, and I headed out with 3 other Canadian guys for a night of rocking Karaoke (again, lost my voice). Now just to back track quickly, a few days before I came over to the UK, I went to nursing conference, and caught a ride down to Edmonton with Dr. Daviduck (a fellow country-music lover). Anyhow we were listening to the song Ain’t going down till the Sun comes up and decided that we needed to learn the word to the song, so it took almost the entire trip there, but we got though most of it. So needless to say, during karoke, dressed as a country cowgirl, I sang this song, with NO WORDS on the screen, only music. It would have made Dr. Daviduck proud and I considered briefly to quit nursing and break into country music. But the 3 dudes convinced me not to.