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Rugby talk in Edinburgh
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Edinburgh, Scotland
May 14, 2002

Pros: Excellent food and Music
Cons: none

Whew, hard to believe it's been a week already. We've decided we're something of the travelling American freak show. Everywhere we go we're trotted out and entertain over much libation, food and music. The most intense was Saturday night in Edinburgh, Scotland when we were invited to a private Rugby club disco/karaoke evening. But we digress. Back down in England in Manchester visiting Dawn's family now. The amount of rain this island can absorb is difficult to comprehend. The amount of beer these people can absorb is even more of a conundrum. We promise to have more detailed text soon. In the mean time, enjoy more photos!

Saturday, May 11th, 2002 – Today is the first day we saw the sun since we got here, and of course we are leaving to go north to Edinburgh, Scotland. Stopped on the way at Holy Island, which is reachable by car when the tide is out. There is a Priory there, as well as a castle, and the island has a lot of religious history being that it is the first place that Christianity was brought to England. It is a very beautiful and fascinating island. Continued north to Edinburgh and met up with our friend, Rob, who used to play soccer with Marcus in Austin, TX. Went sightseeing and saw the castle and looked around at the beautiful old city. Turns out Dawn's dad lived here some years ago doing an internship. That night went out to the local rugby club and saw how much the Scottish really can drink. Whew!

Sunday, May 12th, 2002 – Hurting that morning, it took a while to get moving. Went back downtown to a museum we spotted while walking yesterday and went to a Star Wars exhibit. It was totally awesome with models, original costumes, and history of how they did the languages and different sound effects. Hard to believe what an electric razor on the inside of a salad bowl can do. Traveled south back to England and headed to Huddersfield where Dawn’s family lives. The entire family was there to greet us and served a fantastic spread of food!