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Last updated : Nov 2009
The Mullets Live!
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Barcelona, Spain
September 12, 2004

Pros : Party all night
Cons : filthy subway

Long live king mullet!!! MULLETS in all shapes and sizes...Who said the mullet was dead?? Visit Barcelona and see the MuLLeT like you've never seen it before.

Ok. So I HATED Barcelona at first, but it grew on me like a stain that spreads. We arrived here from Paris last night about 1.30am and i was not impressed at all. I'd never been here before, never seen pictures, but somehow had this idea of what it would be all about...I was way wrong. We got on the filthy subway and were surrounded by the shouts of drunk Barcelonian youths. *Mullets in tow* Then we reached our stop and walked down Las Ramblas towards our hostel. I guess it was some kind of festival which made the streets even MORE packed but it was basically ALOT of drunk kids. I'm not saying I'm old or anything like that, but in my 26yrs. on earth I've never felt the need to party at the expense of annoying everyone around me. So Michal and I are EXHAUSTED and lay down...It's about 2.30am now and the noise from the street is so LOUd that even the ear plugs don't help. The drunk Americans come in all night long, being loud and turning the lights on...some girl comes in {i guess her purse was stolen} and was telling her friends about how angry her mom was gonna be. Some other kid brought home a girl and was trying to hook up with her but she said she was feeling ill and had an "infection". Lots of entertainment, huh? I'm too old for this childish crap, but need to toughen up for the hardships of India. {I'll have my OWN room though}

8.30am rolls around and Michal is up. I sleep till 10am and then we run out the door; stop 1 La Sangra Familia. This is a cathedral Gaudi designed and is still unfinished. Later in the day we met an American couple and the gentleman proceeded to tell me how Gaudi modeled a lot of his Architecture designs from fruit and vegetable shapes. I kept this in mind and had a plan; today would be di'a de Gaudi. I circled all the Gaudi related sites on the map and we started out. As the day wore on my mood got better and better. {I guess I'm like the weather; if I don't like how I feel just wait 5 min and it'll change.} We walked around the park Guell that gaudi designed and all of a sudden i realized that everything is really great!. {i'll send Gaudi pics later} After the park we checked out a house that he designed and a University too, but couldn't get close enough to take pics of it. We also saw wild Quacker Parekeets in the trees. {I guess they're native birds?} Since the money is tight till S.E. Asia I followed my lunch of Falafel by eating Shwarma for dinner. The cheapest food here is unfortunately NOT tapas and gelato. Mañana we take an AM train to Nice to soak up the sun, and confuse my poor French and Spanish all over again!.