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Last updated : Nov 2009
The heat is on, Spain
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Valencia and Seville, Spain,
July 26 -28, 2004

Pros: The most beautiful castles and paradors (old arabic fortresses), nice Malaga beaches.
Cons: none

Hey everyone,

Well up until now we have been on the straight and narrow, but here is the real deal. In the midst of the 51 degree weather *we don't want you to be too jealous, so we'll throw in the heat factor*...there have been some pretty funny things going on...

1. The Spanish herb lady. Let me explain. All over Spain there are little ladies who try to shove rosemary your way and make you pay for it after you have accepted it. Well, we put up with it for pretty long, and after about the billionth rosemary lady, came the 'amanda surprise'. Essentially, Amanda let out a high pitch sound, somewhat like a cross between a tae chi and tae bow cry and proceeded to pursue karate moves towards the rosemary lady, making strange was by far the funniest thing ever. The rosemary lady was quite amused and yelled OLE with all of her might!!!!

2. OK, although we are not ever going to sleep in the same bed, if we were, AMANDA WOULD WANT TO TELL A STORY. Hypothetically, it would go something like this....Matt is destined to be a fighter. In his sleep he often turns over and wrestles, hitting Amanda in the eye or cheek. Well, the third night, Amanda had enough and 'in her sleep' turned over and pushed Matt over to his side of the bed.

3. The truth about Spain...we were on the train and since we couldn't read our Spanish train tickets, we sat in the wrong seats....well, when we were asked to move one of us, left our sun glasses in our original seats..nevertheless, they were gonzo when we came back...

July 26, 2004

Ola Amigos,

we have just seen what beauty Spain has to offer. its all for sure situated in the south of Spain, more specifically Seville. The most beautiful castles and paradors (old arabic fortresses), nice Malaga beaches, crazy drivers, and 51 degree (yes, that is right) weather.

we tried to think of the best way to describe the weather. We think its a cross between walking through hell or fire and something like the feeling one would get from basting themselves in oil after wrapping themselves in saran wrap and laying in the sun. nevertheless, Spain is to CAMP GRANADA...

We miss you all,