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Last updated : Nov 2009
A brief stop in Spain
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San Sebastian, Spain
September 20, 2004

Pros: Beautiful scenery through the mist.
Cons: Road signs!!(or lack of)

Hello Again,

Time to update as we have been out of touch for a while. Lots of train travel and not much time near a computer. Clearly that should be considered a good thing.

We had such good times in Spain during our hikes in the Pyrenees (a total of about 2 hours in the middle of a mountain pass) that we decided that we should spend a few days in a Spanish town. Very close to the French border in the very north west corner of Spain lies a small town called San Sebastian. We found a very nice place to pitch the tent and spent 3 days wandering the streets and walking on the beautiful white sand beaches. It was pretty quiet as the tourists had, for the most part, gone home. We enjoyed the old town where the narrow cobble stone streets are lined with small shops, tapas bars and groceries. The weather treated us well while we were there.

Jacquie discovered chocolate churros in one of the tapas bars and was hooked. Imagine a warm sugar coated pastry served with a cup full of melted chocolate for dipping. Not a bad way to end a meal. The food was much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe and we were happy to try out a few different restaurants. The food was great and the people were very friendly. Unfortunately for us our Spanish is not so good and most of the stores and restaurants were staffed with people who did not speak english. We managed, as usual, with much gesturing and charade playing.

We are heading back to France where we will spend some time in Bordeaux and La Rochelle before heading to Paris.

Until then,

Jacquie and Dave