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Last updated : Nov 2009
Ibiza, Spain and Canary Islands
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Ibiza, Spain
August 03, 2000

Pros: Great clubs
Cons: None

Having been working so much lately, I asked my manager for the weekend off. Me and a couple of the guys I work with couldn't make up our mind on where to go for the break. We ended up just going to the airport and asking all of the airlines where they flew to that day. British airlines told us that we could catch a flight to Ibiza that day and return on Tuesday which was perfect for us. For those of you who don't know, Ibiza is a small island in the Mediterrian just East of mainland Spain. We bought the tickets right then and there, and were off to Ibiza just like that. We had no reservations or reserved car for our trip.

We arrived in Ibiza at about midnight, and had to find a place to stay. We heard from some people that finding a hotel was next to impossible on the island, but the first hotel we called had rooms available for us. Our room was more like an apartment on a hill in the center of town. Now we were set for some partying and sun tanning. Instead of renting a car we rented some mopeds so that we could travel around the island easily. This was a great idea because now we could go to places that a car couldn't go.

On Sunday we headed to the beach to get some sun. For most of the day we just sat on the beach getting tan and enjoying the beautiful water. By the time the sun went down my white skin had turned more than a little red. Now that it was dark, we wanted to enjoy the night life. Ibiza is well known for its clubs. They have many huge clubs, some have more than 10,000 people. We headed to this giant techno music club and ended up staying out until the sun came up.

On Monday, we took off on our bikes to explore the island. We rode to just about every corner of the island. We saw some amazing sites, along the coast. As you will see from the pictures, the coves and water are unbelievable. By the time the day ended I was getting pretty burned so it was good that we had to leave the next day. That night we checked out another club, but turned in earlier because we had to leave the next day.

Anyways, enough writing,