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Sweden Festivals - Events
Sweden Festivals and Events Guide -
For exact dates and details, please contact Swedish Travel & Tourism Council (details can be found in our contacts section).

These are just a few festivals and events occurring in Sweden in 2005:

January 27 to January 30:  The Kiruna Snow Festival in Stockholm.
                                             The Nordic Antiques Fair in Stockholm.

February 3 to February 6:  The Jokkmokks Winter Market.
March 4 to March 13: The Stockholm International Boat Show. 

March 16:  The World Cup Sprint and skiing event in Göteborg.

March 24 to March 28:  An Easter celebration at Skansen

April 7 to April 10:  The Stockholm Art Fair in the Nordic Gardens.

April 30:  Walpurgis Eve.

June 3 to June 12:  The Restaurants Festival - 'A Taste of Stockholm'.

June 4:  The Stockholm Marathon.

June 16 to June 18:  The Hultsfred´s Rock Festival.

June 24:  Solstice or Midsummer Eve Celebrations.

June 27 to July 3:  The Åre Adventure Festival.

July 8 to July 9:  Hälsinge Hambon.

July 14:  Victoriadagen.

July 16 to July 23:  The Stockholm Jazz Festival.

July 17 to July 31:  Skoklosterspelen, which is a historical event.

August 3 to August 7:  Stockholm Pride.

August 5 to August 13: Göteborgskalaset.

August 19 to August 26: Malmö Festival.

November 10 to November 20: The Stockholm International Film Festival.

December 13: Lucia, the coronation of Lucia, bearer of light, which is                           a nationwide festival.
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