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Last updated : Nov 2009
Golden Coast
Golden Coast -
The Golden Coast is situated in the southwest of Sweden and has vast stretches of beaches, warm sea and holiday resorts reaching for 400 kilometres (250 miles) from Laholm in the south to Strömstad in the north. Here there are flat, sandy beaches, bare rocks, tiny fishing villages and fjord like inlets with meadows stretching down to the seashore.


Halland is a long, narrow province strung out along the senic west coast. Unlike its northern neighbour, Bohuslän (see below for more information), its landscape is gentle, with mile after mile of long sandy beaches, often laced with pinewoods.

Inland, the scenery changes as it meets the tableland of Småland and the landscape is characterised by a series of valleys, ridges, vast forests and heather covered moors.

Areas to visit include Kungsbacka, a northern market town and the nearby Onsala peninsula, ideal for bathing, sailing and fishing, and Fjärås Bräcka, an extraordinary gravel ridge formed during the Ice Age.

Further south is Varberg, 1 of Halland’s main coastal resorts, subject by the 13th century Varberg Fortress.

Other resorts are the port of Falkenberg and Tylösand, with its long sandy beach sheltered by pine trees and dunes. Halland’s capital is the essential seaport and industrial town of Halmstad. Warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream, the west coast is a natural choice for seaside holidays.


Bohuslän is aso a long narrow province, and has countless spots where visitors can enjoy an tranquil holiday in the sun. The coastline is deeply cavernous and there are hundreds of rocky islands.

All along the coast are pictorial villages with their typical red painted huts where the nets are hung out to dry. The province is also 1 of the most important centres of ancient Swedish civilisation where many archaeological relics date back to the Bronze Age and Viking times.

Other nearby towns worth visiting include Lysekil, Hunnebostrand, Kungshamn, Bovallstrand, Smögen and the islands of Orust and Tjörn.
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