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Last updated : Nov 2009
Sweden Travel Guide
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'Cultural contrast on the Baltic shores'

Sweden is a land of cultural contrast, from the nomadic Laplanders in the wild Arctic north, to the Danish influence of the southwest. And while urban Sweden is modern, stylish and sophisticated, the countryside offers many simpler pleasures for those in search of peace and tranquility.

The country's scenery has a gentler charm than that of neighboring Norway’s rugged coast. Much of Sweden is covered in forest, and there are thousands of lakes, notably large stretches of water between Gothenburg and Stockholm, the capital.

Most visitors opt first for the cities and the Baltic islands, the largest island, Gotland, with its array of ruined medieval churches, is a particularly popular and a highlight.

Another major attraction is the so called ‘Kingdom of Crystal’, a forested area between Stockholm and Malmö boasting many fine glassworks.

The land, as well as its people, has an atmosphere of reserved calm, and while best known for its automotive and musical exports, Volvo and Abba are pretty much household names, as well as a strong historical past. History is most apparent in Stockholm, where dozens of museums deal with all imaginable aspects of the past, and medieval and Baroque edifices housing boutiques and cafes overlook the beautiful harbor.
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