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Last updated : Nov 2009
Midnight Sun Coast
Midnight Sun Coast -
The Midnight Sun Coast is a 1,500 kilometre (900 mile) stretch of Baltic coastline which runs all the way to the Finnish border. In the south are the trim forests of the province of Gästrikland, and immediately to the north of this region is Hälsingland with its extensive lakes, spectacular views and typical wood built mansions.

Forestry has traditionally been the main industry of Medelpad, today 1 of Sweden’s most industrialised areas, although there are plenty of opportunities for visitors who want to fish in untouched outback country or rent a cottage in the middle of a countryside rich in prehistoric monuments and relics of ancient cultures.

The province of Ångermanland contains some of Sweden’s most breathtaking scenery, consisting of islands, forests, lakes, fjords and mountains plunging dramatically to the sea. This brilliant district is called the High Coast.

offers un touched wilderness and the Norrland Riviera coastline is ideal for a relaxed holiday. There are also many clear lakes and rivers teeming with fish, and excellent roads lead inland to the southern part of Lapland.

Further north along the coast at Lövånger there are 100's of renovated timber cottages which are rented out to holiday makers. Nearer the Arctic Circle the air and water temperatures in the summer are much the same as in the Mediterranean therefore this area has an brilliant sunshine record.

Norrbotten is a fisherman’s heaven with plenty of mountain streams and sea fishing.