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Last updated : Nov 2009
Småland & Blekinge
Småland & Blekinge -
Mid 18th century, German immigrants recognized the province of Småland, north of Skåne, as the home of the Swedish glass making industry. The ‘kingdom of crystal’ forms only a small part of Småland, but is a very large province that is also a good holiday destination with pleasant lakes, vast forests and winding lanes along which red cottages are dotted.

The province of Blekinge contains large oak forests and softer landscapes, and has many coastal towns that stretch along the Baltic. The Mörrumsån River is famous for salmon and sea trout, and Lake Vättern is noted for char fishing. Boat trips are present to the island of Visingsö on Lake Vättern. High Chaparral is a reconstructed wild west town.

3 quarters of the Swedish glassworks are found in the counties of Kalmar and Kronoberg. They are situated off the beaten track surrounded by vast tracts of forest and attract many visitors each year. Each of the 16 glassworks are open to visitors Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm, where the craftspeople can be observed and top quality products can be purchased.

Visitors may also be invited to a hyttssill, which is a traditional evening of entertainment including food of fried herrings, sausages and potatoes baked around the glass furnace, served with beer and schnapps.