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Last updated : Nov 2009
Sweden Sports
Sweden Sports -
Water Sports

Sweden has 96,000 lakes, and 100's of miles of beaches, particularly on the west coast. There are many water skiing and windsurfing centres on the coast and more accessible lakes.

Skin diving is mostly confined to the rocky coasts and islets on the west coast both south and north of Gothenburg, courses are held from June to August. The great variety and number of rapids makes white water rafting a popular sport.


There are about 50 centres where canoes are for hire, and many campsites also offer a hire service. Motor cruisers and sailing boats can be hired in more than 25 places in Sweden or visitors can bring their own.

Several of Sweden’s canals run through beautiful countryside and are well maintained to provide an perfect boating holiday. Short sightseeing trips are available on many canals but the classic journey is by steamer along the Göta Canal. Accommodation and all meals are included in the price. Many cruises, some in vintage steamers, depart from Stockholm out into the archipelago with its 30,000 islands.

Winter sports

There are brilliant facilities for tobogganing, skating, snow mobiling, ice-climbing and dog sledging. Most skiing takes place in the north, mainly in Dalarna, Jämtland and Härjedalen.


There are excellent golf courses and facilities provided for visitors and members. Sweden has over 400 courses, 1 located north of the Arctic Circle enjoys 24 hour daylight during the summer months, several midsummer championships take place at midnight.

Clubs and golf carts can usually be rented. For more information, contact the Swedish Golf Federation.


Sweden has over 96,000 lakes, and visitors can enjoy fishing in most of them. There are also 1000's of miles of rivers, streams and brooks and a coastline of 6,760 kilometres (which is 4,200 miles).

The salmon season at Mörrum (which is near Karlshamn) opens at the beginning of spring. Sea trout can be caught throughout the year except in high summer, which is the best time for grayling and char (typical fish from the northern part of the country).

Fishing is normally free all along the coastline and in the larger lakes, including Vättern, Mälaren and Vänern, however a special permit is required to fish in other lakes and rivers. Information is available from local tourist offices.

Ice fishing is an thrilling alternative to try. Sea fishing tours of varying lengths are arranged in the south and on the west coast. Guest harbours are available all round the coast and on lakes Vättern, Mälaren and Vänern.

The Swedish Tourist Federation (STF) publishes a list of 330 with various information in English.


Routes for hiking are on well laid out paths in almost every part of Sweden.

Cycling is a popular holiday hobby, particularly in the south, and the Swedish Cycling Promotion Institute (which is in cooperation with regional tourist offices) has scheduled cycling tours in almost every region.