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Last updated : Nov 2009
Göteborg, Sweden

Jun 25, 2004


Ok, so me and Ian are back in Sweden where we arrived very tired but also very happy a couple days ago. We spend midsummer, (which is a holiday celebrating the middle of the summer and the longest day here) at my mom's house with good food, drinks, games and a football game (France-Greece, the French lost moooaaaahhhaaa).

Today we went to Marstrand and had lunch (an island outside of the city) and then we once again watched a football game, this time with Sweden and Holland. (which Sweden ....sadly..lost on penalty kicks) and now we have to pack my apartment together and move everything out by Wednesday. I can not believe it, we leave so soon.

I really need to find a place where I can stay for a bit longer. Or what do you guys think? Or not, travelling is fun! So now we are leaving for Washington D.C. on Friday. Ian's cousin is getting married on Saturday, and it's going to be awesome to go to the wedding. Then we will drive down to Florida and hang out with Ian's family for a few weeks, before we drive out to California again and ship ourselves out back to the islands (Hawaii if you missed that I'm going to be attending school there for the next 18 months) So....if you have any interest of taging along on this trip too

I can promise you some good laughs and funny photos from this trip too. (well, at least I hope!!! naa, I sure I'll have some fun stuff to say!) Until this trip starts going, keep checking out the Europe trip, where I'm still adding photos and entries. Lots of love to all of you my wonderful family and friends! Buzi!