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Walking in a winter wonderland
Lund, Sweden

Feb 13, 2005


So one neat thing about Copenhagen is that it´s only a 30 minute train ride from there to Sweden. Of course I´m practically obligated to go into a different country when it´s so close by.

Justin (my high school friend), and 8 of his international classmates went with me for a little day trip into a city called Lund. Lund is one of the oldest cities in Sweden so it was a perfect day trip to stroll around and see their huge 1000 year old cathedral and their university that seemed to more closely resemble a palace. (This may be a running theme for Europe..palace like universities) Around mid afternoon beautiful fat snow flakes began to fall, slowly but surely, all over everything. It started out as a calm dusting but soon picked up it´s pace and Sweden turned into snow. The group of us went to sit in a cafe and drink something warm to wait out the flurries. Silly us, it didn´t stop snowing for 3 days!!! Obviously we didn´t stay in the swedish cafe but eventually went to find the train that would take us back to Copenhagen. Hurrying to the station to get out of the now pretty nasty weather, I had a good look around and guess what...

These Scandinavians are still on bikes!!!
Cars are still on the snow packed roads, trains running to everywhere without delay, these things are impressive as well, but the people on their bikes, in the middle of a blizzard...well, thats not for me anyway. I personally was absolutely thrilled to get on the warm train.

Oh beautiful, yet so cold.
I will be sure that if I ever reach this part of the world again, it will be in the summer time. I think I only have so much coldness tolerance in my body..its about used up.

So my friends, put the kettle on, light the fire, get some long whatever you have to do..freezing to death must be a horrid fate indeed.