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Switzerland Communications
Switzerland Communications -

Facilities are accessible in all telegraph offices, major hotels and post offices.


Internet access is available in phone booths that are operated by Swisscom. Charges are to be paid either by phone card or credit card.

ISPs include SwissOnline.

Mobile telephones

GSM 900/1800 networks covers the entire country.

Single band networks also in Geneva, Basel and Zurich.

Network operators include:



 Swiss GSM


 Airmail within Europe takes three days.

 Poste Restante is available at every post offices.

 Post office hours: Monday-Friday 0730-1200 and 1345-1830. Saturday closing is at 1100 except in major cities.


The high level of interest in local politics throughout Switzerland has led to a number of regional newspapers.

However, most famous dailies are:


 Neue Zürcher Zeitung

 Tages-Anzeiger Zürich

European and international newspapers in English, including The Herald Tribune and USA Today, are also extensively available.


From time to time the radio frequencies change and the most current information can be found online:

 BBC World Service can be received.

 Voice of America can be received


Telegrams can be sent from all post offices and most hotels or they can also be arranged by dialing 110 on the telephone.


 International Direct Dialing is available

 Taiwan country dialing code: 41

 Outgoing international dialing code: 00

 Phone cards are available for use in payphones.
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