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Last updated : Nov 2009
Pros: good food, amazing place, shopping, huge statues, view of the UN
Cons: none

Geneva, Switzerland

Tuesday, Mar 01, 2005 12:59


I am not actually in Geneva right now as the entry states, but I thought it would be fun to have a different map pin this time, to show that I have gone somewhere. So I went to Geneva on Saturday with my friend from school Cindy. We ran to the train because we were going to be late, but then it turned out our train was 40 minutes late. So we went to a cafe and had a few pastries. We had to make a stop in LaRoche, and there was nothing there. Cindy and I investigated, but all we found was a statue of a boy crossing the street named Arthur. When we finally got to Geneva, we got off the train, and there was graffiti everywhere, all over the train station. We had come to the station that was a bit outside the actual city, so then we went for a walk. We stopped to take pictures and whatnot. First stop was the tourism office, but on the way we got sidetracked by a few souvenir shops and also the biggest department store in either Switzerland or Geneva, I am not sure which. There was a huge grocery store on the first floor, and we got to try tons of free samples, yum!

So we arrived at our destination, the tourist office. We found out a big flea market was going on so we decided to go check it out. On the way we started to get hungry so we decided to get a local specialty: Fondue. It was so good, melted cheese and bread, mm again. In the restaurant we met an older couple from north Carolina. They had been living in Geneva for 2 years, and they recommended going to see a cathedral, but while we were eating we were looking at the info from the tourist place and found out that there is a United Nations in Geneva, and we both really wanted to see that.

So after lunch we went to the flea market for a bit. It was mainly just junk, but there was some really really old junk there that was kind of cool. After that we took a cable car to the UN. We saw all the flags and everything. Also they had this huge chair statue. So we began walking around the building to get inside and take a tour and everything, and there was a lot of construction going on everywhere. When we got the kind of entrance a very rude Swiss man kept yelling at us that it was closed and to go away. He was not nice at all, and we did not get to see the UN, but on the way back we saw a pottery museum, but it was kind of boring.

By that time we had to start heading back to the train, but not without first stopping to buy a genuine Swiis Army Knife from Switzerland. So that was that, I am heading off to go horseback riding soon and I am in my new apartment right now, so I will have to tell you all about that next time. Until then, Stephanie