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Last updated : Nov 2009
Tie a Cow Bell Around my neck and i'll moo
Pros: gorgeous weather, spectacular scenery, friendly people, amazing chocolates,
Cons: none

Interlaken, Switzerland

Wednesday, Jun 08, 2005 14:11

I'm in love with Switzerland. Plain and simple. I liked it the last time I came, but this time I have fallen in love. The weather is gorgeous, scenary spectacular, accomodations immaculate, company very pleasant, and the chocolate brings it all together. Today the weather was perfect - clear blue skies, 12 degrees which is perfect hiking weather. I went up into the alps and walked around to waterfalls and to mountains seeing cows and goats and a few other people. I started out walking with the woman from my room from yesterday - we were up and out of the hostel after breakfast by 8am. I just went up and up trails not really positive where I was going. When I asked someone to take a picture of me, they realized I spoke english and became very interested in me. They owned a small chalet in the mountains for over 50 years with no electricity or running water (they just visit there, not live) and were great people. It was an old man and his daughter and when the old man found out I was travelling alone, he told me I should take a swiss boy home with me and the woman offered up her son, but he was still in school. This is just the type of opportunity that I wouldn't have had if I traveled alone - I would have never started talking to these people. The views from today were just breathtaking. I saw all these cows in the mountains and decided that I'd like their job. All they do is eat grass all day with the alps as their backdrops. I wonder how much it pays.

This hostel is spectacular and I'll be here for at least several more days hiking and playing in the mountains because it's supposed to be spectacular weather all through the weekend. I decided I want to stay and I've got know one to convince to stay but myself:) I actually got sun on my face walking around yesterday so right now I look like I've just come from the beach.

I've uploaded a few pictures in somewhat the right places, but uploading takes awhile and I have no patience when I could be outside or off talking to people. I always think of things I want to write while I'm out during the day and completely forget by the time I get to the computer. One thing I loved in Ennis was one morning while eating breakfast couples around me were speaking chinese, german, french, and one was actually speaking english. Even just listening to all those other languages I feel cultured. I'm trying my hand at a few, but while I hike and say hi to people, they always shoot back with yet another greeting in yet another language it's hard to learn them all!