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I never wanna leave Swizerland
Pros: perfect place to be, spectacular scenery, friendly people, amazing chocolates, gorgeous crystal clear lakes, too beautiful for words
Cons: none

Lucerne, Switzerland

Thursday, Jun 30, 2005 10:00

are you ready....
we have had a busy busy few days+++ we're in switzerland now, the german speaking part, but that's no worry at all because kate can read german very well, i can understand the spoken word, and neither of us can speak it.
Evy mornng kate gets the paper and translates for me the news of the day, strange people these swiss, the things they put in newspapers+++ She read me a sign on the train yesterday that said 'australians in wonderpants can fart for free 6 times on the train, after that there is a fine.' hehe. Lucky i've got kate here or i wouldn't understand anything.

We arrived in basel on tuesday at 9.45, we left Lou's house at 4.15am which was awfully fun+++. Then hop and skipped our way down to aarau in rupperswil where monique and the three little boys live. They have been so helpful giving us directions where to go. The only difficulty has been that there is a town called rapperswil near zurich...about 1/2 an hour away by speed train. Our aussie accents can barely differentiate the two which almost got us into some strife coming home late last night. But if your german, which im sure most of you are, you'd know to pronounce it rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooopersvil (remembering to roll the r's).
WE then headded into zurich in the afternoon and hired bicycles for free+++++ THen we traipsed around the country side on our bicyclettes, munching on juicy drippingpeaches and stopping to overlook the gorgeous crystal clear lakes. The water here literally looks as if it has been dyed turquoise, its phenomenal, crazy crazy blue. We wandered about for a few hours getting up to mischief, then caught a train to beautiful lucerne. Oh my god I am desparate to live here, you have not seen anything so clear and pristine and clean and crisp in your life. It's drop dead gorgeous. We are going back today to take a boat cruise along the lake (think swan river whenever i say lake, cept so much nicer and the swans are white++) and hike through the mountains. WE stopped the lindt factory about 10mins walk from where we are staying at the momnet so we might have to accidentally get lostthere+++
Back to tuesday... we arrived in lucerne about 8 and went to stay in a barn with farm animals+++ Yep we slept on hay on our sleeping bags looking up at the big barn roof. They actually have a wicked shower, and water in switzerland is drinkable and lovely. We had our makeshift dinner of ofcourse... baguette, swiss cheese, vine ripened tomatoes, and swiss chocolate to follow+++ (sorry emmy couldn't resist the food description +++)
oh it was heaven when we went to bed i couldn't close my eyes i just wanted to drink it all in. So quaint and perfect++
We woke in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and went downstairs to discover an array of cereal, fresh bread and cheese, yummy jams and everything yummy.It cost us 25 CHF which is about 22 dollars aus, which is 2 dollars more than staying in the backpackersin rotto, and u get brekky+++
Then we caught a train to interlaken, it took a few hourse, but the views out the window of the swiss countryside make it fly by, its too beautiful for words, soaring mountains, green pasures, highland cattle, little flower beds and vege gardens, old sloping roofed houses, huge crstal clear lakes. Ahhhhh+++
Interlaken is in the jung frau region, like jungfrau joch the biggest mountian in europe, we weren't able to climb it cause it would take too long and the conditions weren't very good. But, there would have been ice and snow on top :( I wanted to see snow+++
But we went to wengen about 1200 m up and it was so gorgeous, got lots of photos of the icy capped jung frau and waterfalls that come out of the cliff face.
We headed home to Rupperswil and stayed at moniques house last night which brings us to the present. i better go and let kate write hers, but believe me words cannot describe this place, i swear its the most beautiful place on the earth.
Love u all and miss u
oooh and guys who haven't written here, feel free to post a message in the guest book, unless its top secret and u dont want anyone else to know, its quite fun to write to each other like this and easier than replying individually+++

This is what kate and i made up in the train on the way home last night...
cant live without hates always says
kate coffee and icecream snakes precious and petal
cait choc and lipgloss people being sad sorry (unnecessarily)
ming mrs yao and new clothes frogs ttch-ergh
rick music gettting up for uni thats unfortunate
juju BOYS and clubba pat (lovehate) sucks to be u
em beer and dancing missing ballet blergh as she spews
rach eyeshadow dumb ppl hmmm i dont care
luke hair products comments on his hair what about me guys...
helen tea nothing cool bananas
sue outdoor vacuum cleaner being touched on ant FA its diffeent
dave fuit nothing morning princess
steve monique being told what to do are u in a bad mood
geri licorice not feeling in control told u seventeen times....
colin wine and the finer things in life what did u say cait?
dan nightclubs uni fordy too
joel jessie and his computer exams have u fed the dog?
macca music working long hours well to be honest...

Ok im done xxxxx .love and miss u all